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I'm already 31 *wail*, I live in Hungary but was born in Romania. I have everything anyone could ever wish for: a meaningful relationship, loving family, a great house, a paying job (as a secretary), and most of all, DREAMS and INSPIRATION bombarding me from every angle of life.

I first heard Josh two years ago during a rough period of my life, so I guess the usual applies to me, too: Josh saved me! I am grateful to him, I admire and respect his personality and his music makes me happy. He also inspires me to become a better person. It's not easy, but I'm trying to get there.

Apart from Josh, here's what's important to me, what inspires me, makes me happy about being alive:

-Evgeny Plushenko, Russian all-champion figure skater
-GĂ©rard Philipe, angelic French actor (died in 1959)
-my two cats, I love them a lot
-my stories I would like one day published (especially "A walk by the sea")(you can catch them all on my blog or the Fan Fic Corner, link in my blog)
-my wallpapers, because I express my inner thoughts and wishes with them
-the English language
-music in general
-good movies (I translate art movies for a movie club, been doing it for 12 years now)
-Garth Brooks
-Robert Redford
-Ralph Fiennes
-Christian Bale
-Sarah McLachlan
-the scent of hay after rain
-feeling touched by divinity or the universe
-art in general
-really good-tasting food
-second hand clothes shops *giggle*
-"Race to a Million" project (see link on main forum)
-"ELI STONE" my favourite TV show right now
-"Prison Break"
-"House M.D."
-and many more.

I have great friends, I could not do without them, I will forever be grateful to them for all the help I get.

When am I happiest? Whenever I can touch someone with something I do, write, or create, or say.

I want to grow old in Tuscany...

I loathe politics because it corrupts even the purest souls, and breaks friendships apart.

I hate lying, I hate fear...

I believe in people, in love, in compassion and trust.


My aim in life is to break barriers and destroy labels, show people that things can be felt/done/looked at in different ways than what they are used to. "A walk by the sea" is about the relationship between an old woman and a young man, and I love it to pieces. I received confirmation from real life that it is not purely fiction, and I won't rest until I get it published to reach larger audiences with it.

While writing I generally discover things about myself I never knew before; I learn through writing.

If you're still interested in me, please check "The happy corner" at Grobanites and "My world" at the Arts section.

What I earn money with

I work as a secretary in our family firm. It's my first job and I like it. Whether it'll be my last, not sure... but working together with my family is not the worst thing in the world. :)

How I like to spend my spare time

Writing, watching good movies, good TV shows, playing board games, playing around with Photoshop, meeting friends, reading.

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